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Global Exams are  moving to CBT mode...why shouldn't you?!

What Makes Us Different?
  • Scheduled Exams

    Mock Exams will be announced in advance to allow you to prepare & plan your schedule. Some Mock Exams may be available for a window of say 24 or 48 hours (to allow the flexibility of taking them as per your convenience), while other exams may be scheduled for a specific date and time only.

  • Detailed Explanations

    Every question is mapped to not just a simple text answer, but comes with an audio/video explanation! This makes the entire system of reviewing your performance an interactive activity instead of being a passive affair!

  • Evaluation & Results

    Now you can truly level up to your global peers! Online Scoring with percentile ranking and detailed reports on performance metrics help you evaluate yourself against not just other mock candidates, but the Topper as well! 


  • How can I register for a Mock exam on SSEI QForum Mock Test Platform?

    You need to Register and create an account at SSEI QForum Mock Platform. Once you are registered, you can Enrol for any of the available Mock exams. Basically: User Registration is a one-time affair, whereas Enrolment needs to be done for each exam you intend to take (since seats are limited for each mock exam)

  • I am a registered user of SSEI QForum Doubt Solving Forum-- do I need to register for the mock separately?

    Yes---You need to Register on the Mock Platform separately. Your SSEI/ULurn/QForum credentials do not work on the Mock platform.

  • I am not a student of SSEI. Can I still take the exam?

    Yes, this is the first time we are hosting Online Mocks and for the time being, we have decided to keep it open for all students across the globe—SSEI and non-SSEI students--all can take the exam.

  • When would the Enrolment open for a given Mock Exam?

    This may vary. Exact date & details will be available against each Exam description. Stay tuned and check the Mock section for available mock exams.

  • What will be the exam window for these mocks?

    Exact details will be available against each exam description.

    However, usually- we shall keep the exam live for a certain window (say 48 or 72 hours) to provide flexibility to candidates taking these exams from various parts of the globe. Suppose an exam is stated as scheduled for 9am on 23rd Jan 2021 for a window of 48 hours-- this would mean that candidates can take the exam anytime between 9am 23rd Jan to 12pm on 25th Jan 2021 (candidate will have to submit the exam latest by 12pm on 25th Jan before the exam window closes)

  • Can I request for a pdf copy of the Mock exam in case I miss it or want it for later reference?

    All content on the platform is encrypted and not available for download. For your reference and review purpose--all contents of the exam (the Questions, Answers, Result Analytics, Text Explanation and Audio Explanations) will be available to you on your Mock Dashboard for a period of 90 days from exam date or the specific date indicated against an Exam.

    We appeal to our Users/ Candidates to respect the security we wish to maintain and extend us the courtesy of not attempting to engage in any sort of piracy/ copy etc of the content. Legal action will be taken if any unethical activity occurs. 

  • Should I take the exam on Desktop/Laptop?

    Yes you should! This is a web-based platform and works best on a desktop/laptop. You may take the exam on mobile if you wish (on google chrome or any browser)—but we strongly recommend to take the mock on a desktop/laptop as some features may not function optimally on certain mobile devices.

  • When would the Results be declared?

    This may vary from exam to exam and will be clearly indicated in the Description section of each exam.

  • What are the Features and interesting tools available on the SSEI QForum Mock Exams?

    ✓ A timer will appear on the exam screen for your reference.
    ✓ You can flag a question for review, or skip it for once.
    ✓ You can also shuttle back and forth between sections.
    ✓ You will get Percentile Score (overall & topic-wise also) based on your performance relative to all other test takers.
    Accuracy Level will be available—for the entire test as well as section/topic wise accuracy.
    Detailed Analysis and Reports including Comparison with Topper, Section-wise performance, Time taken on correct/incorrect questions etc will be available
    Each question will be mapped to not just a Text explanation, but also to an encrypted Audio Explanation—this helps you in reviewing the exam result in an interactive manner (not passive)

  • What important points should I keep in mind about the Exam?

    ✓ Try to create actual exam environment for making the best use of this CBT Mock–
        • noiseless, with no distractions
        • no mobile phone
        • no books/resources
        • only Texas Instrument + paper/pencil for scribbling
        • take the exam on a computer/laptop—not on mobile

    ✓ Keep 10-15 min reading time in hand for reading the Instructions. Eg--If you wish to start the exam at 9am, we suggest you login and start reading the instructions at 8.45am.
    ✓ There is no option to pause the exam—just like the actual exam. So ensure you have sufficient time before you start your mock. 

    ✓ Be very very careful about submitting the exam. Only submit once you have answered all questions on the exam. Ensure that you have not missed/skipped any Section entirely

  • My exam was interrupted due to power failure/ connectivity issues. What should I do?

    In case there is a disruption during a mock exam, you can login to your account again and pick the exam from where you left it (say your exam was a 1 hour exam and you had utilised 25mins before the disruption, then your exam timer now starts from exactly same time of 25mins lapsed). Contact us in case if you face any issues.

  • Are these exams exactly in line with Actual exams (CA/CFA/FRM etc)?

    No. Purpose of this mock exam platform is to test your knowledge, to give a you a hands-on-experience of what Computer Based Testing might entail and to give you an idea of your preparation relative to other exam takers across the globe—we are not assuring any similarity between the mocks conducted by SSEI QForum and the Official Exams—Our only endeavour is to help the students to get an idea of and experience CBT. Exam experience of various Institutes may obviously be different.

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